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  • Quarterly inspection

    Cada mes
    Quarterly inspection and filter change (every 3 months)
    Válido por 12 meses
    • AC maintenance every 3 month
    • This maintenance includes an over all maintenance inspection
    • check coils, check freon, inspect electrical components,
    • flush drain, replace air filter, and issue a report
    • No freon, parts and no repairs. This is a maintenance
    • inspection and filter change. Any repairs or washes will be
    • reported to customer to provide estimate for service.
    • Payment is every month and inspection is every 3 months
    • Four Air filters are included in this package.
  • Gold Quarterly plan

    Cada mes
    Quarterly Maintenance inspection Gold
    Válido por 12 meses
    • Yearly Quarterly maintenance inspection with one year no
    • labor charge after initial inspection (qualification)
    • required. Plan include coil inspection to both coils
    • drain flush, refrigerant charge inspection, electrical
    • component inspection, duct inspection and customer
    • report. Dose not include any parts or repairs, an estimate
    • will be issued if any repairs are needed. If repairs are
    • needed there will be no labor charged for Repair
    • only parts will be charged in repair.
    • Four air filters are included in this package.
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